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Powernsun is a global company serving as a hub for some of the reputed brands of solar panels across the world. We provide a full range of solar panels for commercial, residential, industrial, and small & large-scale projects. All our solar solutions are based on excellent quality and high performance. We deal with PV modules that embrace the latest technology. Moreover, they owe highly demanded characteristics to save you a lot on electricity bills by generating clean and green energy.

If you are looking for some of the top-performing solar panel in India, looking to derive maximum energy with minimal costs, Powernsun can help you. Right from choosing the right kind and size of panels for your project and offering competitive prices, we are committed to delivering everything for the success of your solar project.

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Leading Solar Solutions For Sustainable Progress

Let all your needs for generating clean energy get fulfilled at Powernsun. We are at the forefront of the energy transition with our partnership with brands that are globally known for their reputation and quality standards. Why should you be worried about attaining your goal of creating solar energy, when solar panels India with the highest value is right with you?

Powernsun takes pride in its capabilities of the diversity of business that covers complete solar power requirements of vast geographical coverage. We look forward to aiding the best in catering to solar panel needs across the world. In fact, it is an honor for us to have been connected with brands that have been appreciated for their top-quality solar panels.

We believe that our strength lies in our potential of fulfilling the requirements of clients. So, we have developed a strong network for solar panels India which makes us always ready for a wide range of supply of solar products.

Brands we serve:

JA Solar

About the brand

Established in 2005, JA Solar is highly reputed as one of the best manufacturers of high-performance photovoltaic products. The brand holds the privilege of being the Third largest manufacturer of solar panels with 10% of solar panel production all around the world. With an extensive network covering 135 countries and regions, having 32544+ employees, and an annual sales of revenue of 72.9 billion (as of 2022), JA Solar is the innovator for your need for solar panel India.

Some of the notable recognitions for the brand:

  • In the list of “Fortune China 500”
  • Recognition of Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprises – for many consecutive years

The PV modules of JA Solar have been extensively used by domestic and international customers. And they have extensive use in various segments such as residential rooftop PV systems, commercial & industrial rooftop PV systems, and ground-mounted power plants.

JA Solar Panel – What makes it the best choice for solar panel India?

JA Solar has its core focus on mid-range solar panels and compared with other competitors in the market, they outshine in the performance. If you are looking for a big name that offers come with competitive price figures, JA Solar is the optimal choice. The brand is best known for a broad spectrum of solar energy components such as solar panel modules, silicon wafers, and solar cells.


The capacity of the solar panels has been improved and you can expect a maximum efficiency of 21.2%. 20% efficiency on average is compared best-in-the-industry. While comparing that, JA solar panels possess nearly 1% higher efficiency value than the other mid-range panels.


For those looking to invest in an economical solution of mid-range choice of modules, JA solar panel price India will be an appealing option. The range of panels from the company are designed with various solar cells and they vary in their count. So, if you are looking for the exact price of solar modules, contact us. After assessing your requirements, we will let you know the type of solar panel and the cost involved.

Considered the most efficient panels among the cost-effective solar modules, the solar panel price of JA Solar stands out in the affordable market.

JA Solar Panel Technologies

Bifacial Mono PERC Half-Cell Double Glass Module

These bifacial solar panels can produce energy on both sides of the panel. Due to the feature of reflection of energy, at appropriate conditions, the output can be increased up to 20%. In addition, with the combination of bifacial panels and Half-Cut PERC cell technology, the power gain can be amplified to an excellent range of 550W.

MBB Half–Cell Module

Half-cell modules are available in 60 or 72-cell counts. In this kind of module, the solar cells will be split in half. This latest technology of solar panels in India can give you improved conversion and thus provides better yields. Moreover, the modules with half-cell configuration offer you plenty of benefits including better temperature-dependent performance, reduced shading effect, and  increased output,

The half-cell technology is considered an innovative step in the solar panel market. There are predictions that the market share of these solar panels will rise from 5% to 40% by 2028.

Range of JA Solar offerings at Powernsun

Powernsun has established its strong reputation in serving the major cities of India that covers India, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Dibba, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah (RAK), and Al Ain.

We supply a diverse range of India solar panels from the top brand JA Solar that includes 460 W, 465 W, 540 W, 545 W, 550 W, 555 W, 560 W, 565 W, 570 W, and more.

A Few From Our Wide Portfolio:

  1. JA Solar 460W Solar Panel


Assembled with MBB PERC cells, the feature of half-cell configuration of the panels delivers you an array of beneficial points. Apart from the major advantages of higher outputs, and lower LCOE, the list of benefits also comprises lower risk of hotspots and improved mechanical loading, and tolerance.

Technical Specifications

  • Rated Maximum Power (Pmax) – 460 W
  • Maximum Power Voltage( Vmp) (V)– 42.13
  • Module efficiency – 20.7%
  • Operating temperature – -40°C ~+85°C
  • Number of cells – 144 (6*24)
  • Cell type – Mono
  • Weight – 24.5 Kg
  • Dimensions values in mm –  2112 * 1052 * 35
  • Warranty – 12-year product warranty

25-year linear output warranty

  1. JA Solar 540W Bifacial Solar Panel 


Assembled with 11BB bifacial PERC cells, along with the configuration of half-cells, transforms the incident light of the rear and front sides into electricity.

Technical Specifications

  • Rated Maximum Power (Pmax) – 540
  • Maximum Power Voltage( Vmp) (V)– 41.64
  • Module efficiency – 20.8%
  • Operating temperature – -40°C ~+85°C
  • Maximum system voltage ranges 1500 V DC
  • Number of cells – 144 (6*24)
  • Cell type – Mono
  • Weight – 31.8 kg
  • Dimensions values in mm –  2278x1134x35
  • Warranty – 12-year product warranty

30-year linear output warranty

  1. JA Solar 560W Solar Panel


If you are looking to buy solar panels India from a reliable solar panel supplier, Powernsun is your right destination. Assembled with 11BB PERC cells and possessing gapless ribbon connection technology, these panels are going to fulfill your requirements of enhanced module efficiency, lower risk of host spot, and reliable and sustainable power production.

Whether you look for efficient used solar panels for sale in India or seek guidance in evaluating the right range for your solar project needs, our experts can help you.

Technical Specifications

  • Rated Maximum Power (Pmax) – 560 W
  • Maximum Power Voltage( Vmp) (V)– 42.27
  • Module efficiency – 21.7%
  • Operating temperature – -40°C ~+85°C
  • Number of cells – 144 (6*24)
  • Cell type – Mono
  • Weight – 27.3 Kg
  • Dimensions values in mm –  2278x1134x35 mm
  • Warranty – 12-year product warranty

25-year linear output warranty


Longi Solar

About the brand

Commenced in 2000, LONGi Solar is committed to being a valuable contributor to the solar energy world. The company serves as a renowned global manufacturer of mono-silicon panels and leads the industry as one of the largest suppliers of mono-crystalline silicon wafers around the world. Powernsun is glad that as the prime solar panel supplier in India, we drive the energy transformation with an innovation-focused brand.

Longi has a strong focus on manufacturing solar panels that are integrated with top-of-the-line efficiency ratings. Its ongoing investment in R&D is a considerable element of its successful journey in serving 150+ countries across the world including Malaysia, China, and Vietnam. The company owns 8 main production centers in China that include Yunnan, Shaanxi, Zhejiang, Ningxia, Jiangsu, Anhui, Qinghai, and Shanxi. Among this list, facilities at Yunnan and Ningxia are the largest.

Why is Longi Solar the best choice for solar panels in India?

Longi solar panels outshine the industry with their high performance which is due to the technologies PERC and Bifacial PERC technologies. They are widely claimed among solar panel installers because of the below significant aspects.

  • Unrivaled efficiency
  • Low power-temp coefficient
  • Low irradiance performance
  • Low-operating temperature
  • A better lifetime yield compared with traditional mono panels
  • Very affordable solar system price in India

AAA-Rated Module Supplier

As per the latest ModuleTech bankability report of PV Tech, Longi has once again proved its stand as an AAA-rated supplier and it is the brand’s 13th consecutive ranking. This PV ModuleTech bankability report is an assessment of manufacturers of solar panels covering a wide range of factors such as annual shipment volume, global presence, and key financial metrics. In this, Longi continues its place as the only AAA-rated brand for the highest grade.

So, along with the best solar panel price in India, you are also going to get panels that have a 100 % Bankability rating.

Technology and Innovation

Longi has been working with its partners across the world to continuously enhance solar power generation technology. The brand also looks to expand its global scale industry for reaping the most from the sun.

The bifacial and dual glass modules (based on bifacial PERC) from Longi enable the brand to stay ahead of the competition. Powernsun is delighted to be a proud member of reliable solar panel suppliers in India. Thanks to Longi and its technology & innovation, we are able to fulfill the varied requirements of our clients with the very latest technology modules.

Longi encourages people from diverse industries to collaborate on innovative projects that promote the production of green energy.

Efficiency Records of Longi

Our prestigious partner, the Chinese solar giant Longi Solar has set a new world record in the efficiency of silicon solar cells. Yes, it is grateful for marking a new record-breaking efficiency of 26.81% for its HJT silicon solar cells. Being among the reputed solar panels suppliers in India, Powernsun shares the pleasure that our partner had already added value to its position with the recognition of the manufacturer of Bifacial Monocrystalline Silicon PERC Solar Cells that have exceeded 24% conversion efficiency for the first time.

Take a close look at our various Longi Solar modules

  1. Longi Hi-MO 6 Solar Panel


JA Solar has released its latest generation of photovoltaic modules. These solar modules are widely recognized for their appealing aesthetic features and higher efficiency aspects. These panels are well-suited for rooftop and distributed generation applications. Powernsun as the leading solar panel suppliers in India is happy that we are a customer-driven company and these valued products make our portfolio worthwhile.

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum Power (Pmax) – 565 Wp
  • The voltage at Maximum Power (Vmpp) – 43.61 V
  • Panel Efficiency – 21.9 %
  • Operating Temperature Range – 40~85 °C
  • Maximum System Voltage ranges – 1500 V
  • Dimensional values in mm – 2278x1134x35
  • Weight – 27.5 kg
  • Warranty – 15-year warranty for materials & processing
  • 25-year for Extra Linear Output
  1. Longi Hi-MO 6 Solar Panel 


This is a high-efficient series of solar panels from Longi with a great output power of 575W and a significant 22.3% module efficiency. These panels offered at the best solar panel India price will suit your large-scale solar project. Long-term reliability is an assured thing as the modules possess excellent quality.

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum Power (Pmax) – 575 Wp
  • The voltage at Maximum Power (Vmpp) – 40.07 V
  • Panel Efficiency – 22.3 %
  • Operating Temperature Range – 40~85 °C
  • Dimensional values in mm – 2278x1134x35
  • Weight – 27.5 kg
  • Warranty – 15-year warranty for materials & processing
  • 25-year for Extra Linear Output
  1. Longi Mono 540W Solar Panel


In its journey of shaping the future, Longi is again with its high-efficiency modules and Powernsun brings them to you as very reasonable solar panels in India price. The HalfCut cell technology of the modules makes it possible to achieve high power and lower hotspot temperature. Even in shading conditions, the unique parallel connection enables better energy yields.

These modules are excellent choices for ultra-large power plants. Superior module efficiency is the highlight of these series as they come with advanced module technology.

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum Power (Pmax) – 540 Wp
  • The voltage at Maximum Power (Vmpp) – 41.65 V
  • Panel Efficiency – 20.9 %
  • Operating Temperature Range – 40~85 °C
  • Dimensional values in mm – 2278x1134x35
  • Weight – 27.5 kg
  • Warranty – 12-year warranty for materials & processing
  • 25-year for Extra Linear Output

Powernsun India is the leading supplier of solar panels in India

Considering solar panels for your green energy generation? Powernsun is your best place to buy. We are here to perfectly design your custom solar projects with high-quality panels from top global brands. If you buy from Powernsun, you can enjoy peace of mind that the modules are reliable and top performing.

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