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Powernsun is your trusted platform for the best solar panels in India. We have proud partnerships with some of the leading manufacturers and thus specialize in catering to a wide variety of PV modules for residential, commercial and industrial segments. We have worldwide exposure and networks and this enables us to seamlessly distribute solar panels with supreme efficiency, and reliability. Powernsun as the leading solar panel supplier is dedicated to contributing towards a cleaner world. We are majorly focused on delivering the best solar products in terms of cost, quality and performance.

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Next-Gen Technology Solar Modules From Top Brands

Powernsun ensures in every way that all our clients get premium solar panels for their solar installations. Growing in the solar products industry with the powerful partnerships of reputed brands, we can make India energy-independent with an extensive range of solar panels. Our existing network includes esteemed partners:

It is the support from our valuable channel partner; that we could lead the world as the best solar panel dealer.

JA Solar

About the brand

Commenced in 2005, JA Solar is a leading PV power generation solution platform. JA is a well-known manufacturer of high-performance photovoltaic products. Besides the conventional Mono PERC and half-cells, JA’s product portfolio also comprises the latest Bifacial and double glass PV modules.  JA Solar has immense recognition among worldwide customers, covering both domestic and international. The company also has the pride of being listed in:

  • Fortune 500 China 500
  • Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprise (for significant successive years)

JA holds 12 manufacturing bases and over 20 branches across the world. The broad business arena of the brand covers silicon wafers, modules, cells, and photovoltaic power stations. JA modules are embraced in commercial and utility-grade projects on about 6 continents.

Powernsun as the leading name for the efficient solar panel seller is happy to hold hands with JA Solar and serve the world as the destination for future energy of life.

JA Solar – The Best Solar Panels In India

JA Solar is a high-quality brand for highly efficient, top power-rated and cost-effective modules. The PERC technology and half-cut cells from the brand ensure the products are packed with utmost efficiency. JA Solar panels are more efficient, and this makes it hold a prominent place among the most efficient panels on the market.

Highlights of JA Solar panels


JA Solar caters to residential solar panel applications with high-efficiency rating modules that range from 20%-21%. Typically, an efficiency rate of above 20% is considered good. Looking into that, JA Solar tops the solar module industry with significant efficiency-rated panels. JA Solar implements the very latest and most advanced technologies such as half-cut cells, PERC cells and busbars technology. All these advancements ensure that the outcomes from the manufacturer have top-most efficiency, performance and quality.


Are you looking for efficient panels, yet within your budget for your solar installations? Powernsun brings you the best solar panel prices from the top brand JA Solar. JA Solar panels are very affordable solar panels when compared with other competitors in the market. JA Solar is the best budget brand for those looking to invest in cost-effective modules for their solar projects.


JA Solar panels are offered with a great warranty tag of a 12-year product warranty and a 30-year power output warranty. The panels are expected to yield more than 90% of output after 10 years and about 83% after 25-30 years. JA Solar panel warranty for performance is provided for 25-30 years. JA Solar bifacial panels have a better degradation rate of 0.45%.

JA Solar Panel Technologies

PERC Technology

Powernsun being the leading solar panel distributor provides you with the innovative PERC technology JA Solar panels that have an additional layer to capture most of the electricity-generating photons. This latest PERC technology helps users grasp higher efficiency, while still at affordable prices.

Half-cut cells

JA Solar excels at manufacturing monocrystalline solar panels and half-cut cells that are well-known for their unique properties of durability, reliability and better efficiency than polycrystalline solar panels. Since the cells of these panels are essentially split in half, they make the solar panels more efficient. The half-cut cells improve the flow of current flow inside the panels and also enhance the longevity of the panels.

Offerings from Powernsun – Your favoured Solar panel dealer

JA Solar is known for its latest technology panels DeepBlue 4.0 Series and DeepBlue 4.0 Series.

DeepBlue 3.0 Series

DeepBlue 3.0 Pro series is the ultimate performer in the lineup of 3.0 products with high-efficiency ratings. The brand offers an extensive range of module designs in the series that suit the diverse requirements of the customers.


They are offered with superior solar panel warranty of a 12-year product warranty and a 25-year linear power output warranty.

Higher output

Assembled with 11BB PERC cells, the half-cell modules give users the benefits of improved output, reduced shading impacts in energy generation and better temperature-dependent performance.

The patented gapless flexible interconnection (GFI) technology of JA Solar increases the power of modules by about 10 W and efficiency by 0.4%.


The implemented latest technologies of the modules help in achieving the panel efficiency to exceed 21% and the power rating is up to 605 W. Excellent aesthetic appearance is an added advantage of the series. This aesthetically appealing DeepBlue 3.0 series is available at a very affordable solar panel cost at Powernsun.

The relatively low voltage value, allows the modules to possess a larger number of single-string modules, which can effectively reduce BOS costs.


DeepBlue 3.0 series offers the advantages of high-efficiency and low-degradation technology. Adopting the new-generation technology PERC high-efficiency PERCIUM+, and Ga-doped silicon wafers, the modules of the series provide high performance in terms of reliability, conversion efficiency, and higher power generation.

Lower LCOE

DeepBlue 3.0 Pro series is a perfect harmonization of quality, efficiency and cost. This ensures that the customers get the best LCOE.


This DeepBlue 3.0 series Light high-efficiency modules are designed to suit commercial and residential rooftop solar applications in the global market.

DeepBlue 4.0 Series

JA Solar’s DeepBlue 4.0 Series boasts higher efficiency ratings compared with the DeepBlue 3.0 series. For the solar installation intending to have maximized efficiency and energy savings, this is the perfect choice.

  • DeepBlue 4.0 series lower project LCOE by 3.5% to 5%.
  • Excels in features such as higher power generation, minimized degradation, improved high-temperature energy yield, and increased bifacial generation capabilities,
  • The BOS cost of DeepBlue 4.0 Pro modules can be reduced by 2%-4.5% (approximately)
  • Latest n-type high-efficiency modules
  • Gapless Flexible Interconnection (GFI) Technology for improved efficiency

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About the brand

Established in 2000, Longi, the China-based company is a world leader in solar technology and is involved in the production of photovoltaic products. The company majorly operates in 3 segments, manufacturing and sales of monocrystalline silicon wafers and solar monocrystalline modules. LONGi is aimed at building solutions for large-scale power plants, households and industries with its innovation-focused development.

The ongoing high investment in R&D by Longi is a noteworthy factor in the success of the brand. The company is well-known for deploying the latest technologies and quick adoption of innovative techniques for cost-efficient and improved productivity.

Highlights of Longi Solar panels

LONGi supplies high-performance and reliable solar modules to over 6 continents, 85 countries and regions. The brand is intended to power the world toward a low-carbon future. Powernsun as the leading solar panel distributor partners with longi and serves clients across the globe.


Performance and Hybrid Passivated Dual-Junction Cells of the modules adopt high and low junctions and help in accomplishing reduced light absorption and excellent passivation effect. The upgraded HPDC cell is best known for its superior conversion efficiency, power temperature coefficient, and improved reliability.

PERC Cells

The PERC cells of the modules significantly improve the cell efficiency. With integrated PERC technology on monocrystalline silicon, the longi panels can achieve low light degradation, and the cell efficiency has been improved to 24.06%.

Bifacial PV

Bifacial modules from your leading solar panel supplier come with the capability of absorbing solar energy from both the front and back sides. This ultimately helps in improving the overall power output of the modules.


The High-efficiency modules from LONGi are widely recognized across the globe from grassland on highlands, water ponds, deserts, and households. The solar modules are wrapped with more benefits of improved efficiency, lower light degradation and higher reliability.

Offerings from Powernsun

Hi-MO5 Series

  • Based on the M10-182 mm wafer, this series of panels is the best choice for ultra-large power plants
  • Advanced module technology of the series enables achieving superior module efficiency
  • M10 Gallium-doped Wafer Smart Soldering
  • Globally validated bifacial energy yield
  • High module quality for long-term reliability
  • 12-year materials and processing warranty
  • 30-year warranty for extra linear output warranty
  • Large-format modules with M10 wafer size adopt dual-glass and frame packaging for improved module strength.

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