Dyness Lithium-Ion Battery in India

Dyness is a world-class leader in the segment of energy storage solution providers. The company owns a professional team comprising top-class experts in the battery storage arena. All the products belonging to the portfolio of dyness battery in India are manufactured in compliance with applicable international standards and verified under TUV/CE/EN62619/1973/IEC62040 testing standards.

There are over 100 patents owned by the brand and they deliver products across 100+ countries that include Europe, Africa, America, Australia, Southeast Asia and more. Empowered with innovation and cutting-edge technology, Dyness is dedicated to serving its clients with intelligent energy solutions that enrich green energy utilization. The range of batteries from the manufacturer are ideal choices for existing solar PV systems, and also easy for installation with new solar systems. Stay connected with Powernsun India, the leading dyness battery supplier to know more about this global brand.

 Lithium-Ion Battery Technology 

 Lithium-ion battery technology is gaining wide popularity and is becoming superior to conventional lead acid batteries in terms of efficiency and reliability. The greater storage capacity and longer life-span properties of lithium-ion batteries are sufficient to replace lead-acid batteries in the market. Thanks to the premium battery technology, lithium-ion batteries can withstand deep discharges of up to 80%. This represents the larger useful capacity of the products.

Compared with lead-acid batteries, most lithium-ion batteries come with 95% efficiency. The price factor of lithium-ion batteries is a little bit high compared to lead acid type, still, you can avail of the best dyness battery price at Powernsun.

Lithium-Ion Batteries – The Best Benefits

Higher Energy Density

Lithium-ion batteries possess a higher energy density and they are capable of storing more energy in a smaller size and weight.

Depth of Discharge

Lithium-ion battery technology has a superior depth of discharge indicating their higher effective capacity than lead acid choices.


Lithium-ion batteries offer you a longer lifespan.

Low Maintenance

These batteries need very little maintenance. Maintenance is the greatest cost with other batteries and you can come over with our range of lithium-ion batteries that are offered at the affordable dyness battery cost.

Faster Charging

You can charge lithium-ion batteries quickly and they can be charged up to 80% in just 30 minutes.

Discover the power of high and efficient energy storage with an array of lithium-ion batteries from a globally popular brand Dyness. Powernsun is the best dyness battery dealer for all your needs.

Product Lineups from Dyness

  • Dyness A48100 Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Dyness BX51100 Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Dyness Powerbox Lithium Ion Battery 51.2V 200Ah

Be empowered to upgrade your energy storage with powerful products from Dyness. They are designed to deliver long and reliable outcomes. The advanced lithium-ion technology ensures your solar energy system is on top of the latest energy storage technology. Since these innovative technology series batteries ensure exceptional performance and reliability, you can take pride that you have made a smart choice for your energy storage requirements.

Dyness A48100 Lithium-Ion Battery

Product Specifications

  • Battery type – LiFePO4
  • Nominal battery energy – 4.8 kWh
  • Battery capacity – 100 Ah
  • Maximum charge or discharge current – 50 A
  • Charging temperature range – 0-50oC
  • Dimensions in mm – 504*597*155
  • Weight – 45 Kg
  • Warranty – 10 years
  • Calendar life – >6000 cycles

Get this higher-efficiency energy storage solution to fulfil your long-term power supply needs. Powernsun as the reliable dyness battery seller is here with you.

Dyness BX51100 Lithium-Ion Battery

Product Specifications

  • Battery type – LiFePO4
  • Nominal battery energy – 5.12 kWh
  • Battery capacity – 100 Ah
  • Maximum charge or discharge current – 75 A
  • Charging temperature range – 0-50oC
  • Dimensions in mm – 558*545*150
  • Weight – 50 Kg
  • Warranty – 10 years
  • Calendar life – 6000 cycles

Key features of the products

Expandable up to 40 units in parallel

The device is scalable with a maximum of 40 units in parallel. This ensures that the user is capable of meeting diverse energy storage needs. Enjoy flexible expansion, this dyness battery in India is right here to support your diverse requirements.

Larger capacity base

The dyness of 4.8kWh and 5.12 kWh Lithium-Ion Battery provides a high energy density. This allows the user to store more energy in a smaller size and ensures your contribution in a compact footprint. The generous storage capacity nature of the battery makes sure that you can store significant amounts of solar energy for your later use.

Wide working temperature

The dyness batteries can operate in a wide range of temperatures 20o – 500C. This ensures circulation span and discharging performance are good even under high temperatures.

High safety

Are you interested in buying a battery that offers great safety features? Get it from a reputed dyness battery seller. The battery cells are managed effectively by BMS for better performance as well as for high safety. The devices comply with European ROHS and Certified SGS. They are non-toxic, non-pollution environment-friendly batteries.


Low Voltage Protection in Discharging – If the battery cell voltage or overall voltage is lower than the rated protection value, during discharging, it activates the over-discharging protection feature. The buzzer alarms and immediately stops supplying the power to the battery.

Over Voltage Protection in Charging – If the voltage of the cell exceeds the rated protection value, the battery will stop its function.

Overcurrent Protection in Charging – If the charge current is greater than 90A, the current will be limited to 1A and the current limit protection mode will be activated.

Over Current Protection in Discharging: If the discharge current is over 100A, the system stops discharging after 15s.

As the leading dyness battery dealer, we make sure that the dyness batteries are also integrated with Short Circuit Protection, Self-Shutdown, Low/Over temperature protection in discharging and Low/Over temperature protection in charging.

The cell-level monitoring and balancing of the product ensures offering higher security to the users.

Various installation choices

The dyness batteries offer installation flexibility. They support various installation options. You can vertically install it on the floor or can be wall-mounted or use it as stacked units. If you are facing any trouble or looking for installation support, get assistance from a reliable dyness battery distributor.

Wide compatibility

Dyness batteries are well-designed to meet the evolving needs of energy storage systems. These Lithium-ion Batteries are widely compatible with leading brand inverters in the industry. Since the products are compatible with a range of solar inverters and energy management systems, you can easily integrate the battery into your existing setup.

If you are looking for a battery with minimal routine maintenance, dyness batteries are a perfect choice. Pick the most appropriate battery for your unique need from the best dyness battery supplier.


The product is offered with 10 years of warranty for the complete peace of mind of the users.

Benefits of the product

  • Uninterrupted power during outages and reduced reliance on the grid
  • Consistent and reliable energy storage
  • Highly efficient and long-life cycle LiFePO4 cell battery
  • Economic Design
  • Ideal for residential and light commercial purposes

Dyness Powerbox Lithium Ion Battery 51.2V 200Ah

This series of Dyness Powerbox Lithium-Ion Battery embraces LiFePO4 chemistry battery for improved safety performance and long lifetime. These ranges of batteries are ideal solutions for diverse applications such as Electrical Vehicles (EV), Energy Storage systems (ESS), and Home Energy Storage Systems (HESS).

Product Specifications

  • Battery type – LiFePO4
  • Nominal battery energy – 10.24 kWh
  • Battery capacity – 200 Ah
  • Recommend output power – 5.12 kW
  • Working voltage – 44.8-58.4 V
  • Dimensions in mm – 555*210*1020
  • Weight – 115 Kg
  • Warranty – 10 years
  • Calendar life – >6000 cycles

Key features of the product

The prominent dyness battery dealer brings you a game-changer battery in the world of energy storage. This cutting-edge power solution comes with the potential to revolutionize the way that you harness and use electricity, and offer outstanding performance, reliability, and convenience.

App monitoring

The intelligent monitoring system allows real-time monitoring and Remote upgrade is also available. You can monitor and control your energy consumption effortlessly. Be on top of data regarding energy usage, and accordingly optimize your power flow. Control and monitor the system and have an eye on the battery status.

Easy installation

The plug-and-play features enable easy installation of the device.


The unit is scalable and you can connect up to 4 units in parallel.

High safety

Offered with high protection levels, the batteries can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. LFP & smart BMS features to ensure high safety performance.  In addition, by buying from an established dyness battery distributor, you can be sure that this powerhouse is built to last with high safety.

The Powerbox Pro from Dyness brand is a deep cycle and high capacity LFP battery. The product features improved safety, long lifespan, and optimized user experience. These series products are designed with IP65 which enables flexible and easier installation. You can use it as a wall-mounted or for landed installation. Get the superpower storage for your life with this Powerbox lithium-ion battery.

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