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Powernsun is specialized in supplying top-notch solar string inverters for residential, industrial, and commercial purposes. We are the leading brand in major parts of the world. Over one decade in the segment of distribution of solar products, we are proud that we have achieved remarkable numbers of satisfied customer base. Along with a vast catalog of on grid solar inverters combined with rich expertise and renowned brands for solar products, Powernsun is the bankable brand that you can count on for your requirements for solar inverters.

With everyone around the world looking to produce their own energy, the necessity of an efficient solar inverter for generating solar power can’t be ignored. On having this best understanding, Powernsun offers a wide range of solar inverters online that are applicable for broader applications. And the great part is we get you covered at a very competitive solar inverter price in India. Buy solar inverter online for your residential and commercial needs at the best price.

Your Best Source For Inverters – Reliable Name For Worldwide Solar Installations

Powernsun focuses on the unique needs of customers. Hence we partner with brands that are highly dependable and known for top-quality on grid solar inverters.  We are capable of supplying different types of grid tie solar inverters suiting diverse applications. We have the potential of catering world-class quality inverters to the main regions of India which include Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Kerala, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and more.

Let us know your solar project requirements. Powernsun as the leading distributor for solar inverters in India is right here with you every step of the way to generate your own energy.

Powernsun offers you a comprehensive solution for your solar system needs. We have stocked up the latest solar inverters from brands that have worldwide popularity. Explore all our offerings to know how we can cover your entire solar project requirements. With an upfront solar inverter price in India, it is no more a hassle to buy your desired inverter.

Powernsun India Partners With These Trusted Brands For Solar Inverters



Sofar Solar, started in 2013, is a global leading PV solar inverter solution provider. Sofar inverter’s comprehensive product portfolio includes solar PV inverters with a power range from 1 kW to 255 kW. Hybrid inverters range from 3 kW to 125 kW.

Powernsun’s goal is to deliver optimal solar solutions at an affordable price in India. Our partnership with Sofar proves that we are an ideal place for next-generation solar inverters.


Established in 2002, INVT Solar Technology is a professional manufacturer of solar inverters. The company majorly deals with solar inverter solutions and energy storage systems which are widely applicable for residential, industrial, and commercial needs. The major range of solar inverters from the brand covers inverter solutions such as on-grid inverters (1-136kW), energy storage inverters (3-630kW), off-grid inverters (3-5kW), the energy storage inverter, and pump inverters.

Have a glance into our portfolio for varied ranges of online solar inverters offered at the affordable price in India.

The INVT inverters are exported to over 60 countries that include Southeast Asia, India, Europe, and Australia.


Driven by the core idea of ‘solar for everybody’, Solplanet makes its best efforts to deliver the best possible experiences for all its end users, distributors, and installers. The entire range of Solplanet inverters are very reliable, user-friendly, and easy to install. The company manufactures all types of solar inverters including Single-Phase, Three-Phase, and Hybrid.

Since 2007, Solplanet, a brand of AISWEI has had its firm print in the positive energy products list. Thanks to the strong capabilities of the brand which is more than 600,000 units, Powernsun continues supplying its clients as the foremost solar inverter suppliers in UAE.

  1. Solplanet 15KW 3 Phase On-grid Inverter

ASW15K-LT G2 Pro

Having set innovative benchmarks in the segment of residential, industrial decentralized PV systems, and commercial, this series of inverters also offers excellent compatibility with other high-power PV modules.

If you look for a solar power inverter that gives you high energy yield and flexibility in all applications, you can absolutely pick this choice.

Technical Specifications

  • PV array power ranges 22500 Wp STC
  • MPP voltage range – 1100 V
  • Rated active power – 15000 W
  • Efficiency – 98.6% / 98.2 %
  • Product dimensional descriptions in mm – 503 * 435 * 183
  • Weight – 17.3 kg

Explore Our Proven Expertise In Solar Power Solutions

With a growing presence across the world, Powernsun is a renowned supplier of solar inverters in India. Our catalog is filled with a wide range of admired solar power products that have vast popularity in reducing the carbon footprint and are perfectly engineered for energy efficiency.

Need help choosing the right solar inverter for you? Get guidance by connecting with our expert.