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JA Solar Technology Co., Ltd. is a Chinese-based new energy power generation solution platform majorly engaged in the production, R&D, and sales of silicon wafers, solar cells and solar modules. The company is also involved in sales of related products and raw materials; sales of electricity and solar photovoltaic grid-connected power generation. JA Solar was founded in 2005 and indulged in supplying green photovoltaic products and services across 135 countries of the world.

Powernsun is delighted to be the preferred choice of source for JA solar panels in India that are applicable for industrial, commercial and residential distributed photovoltaic systems.

MBB Half-cell JA Solar Modules

Discover high-quality solar panels from the leading JA solar panel supplier, Powernsun. Thanks to the half-cell configuration of Mono PERC with multi-busbar cells, now you have a bundle of benefits such as higher power output, better temperature coefficient, higher resistance to mechanical loads, and lower efficiency loss against shading.

The integration of with–busbar half-cut technology into the solar modules makes them better resistant to shade and reduces the risks of hotspots. Half-cut (HC) cells and multi-busbar (MBB) technology are the most often discussed topics in the solar industry. Powernsun, as the prominent JA solar panel dealer, always promises its clients to have higher efficiencies and maximized yields. It is the time to demonstrate our commitment to serving people with higher power output JA solar panels speed up ROI (return on investment).

HC and multi-busbar technology effectively contribute to improving system performance and simultaneously help lower energy costs.

The major advantage of using half-cell panels is they yield 2-3% higher module output and overall output when compared with conventional modules. By dividing the cells, the power generation of cells is halved and in addition, resistance losses and module levels are reduced in the cells.

Furthermore, multi-bus bar cells of JA Solar modules divide the solar cells into smaller parts and thus they become better resistant to overload and weather conditions.

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Product lineups from JA Solar

  • JA Solar 545W Solar Panel JAM72S30-545/MR
  • JA Solar 550W Solar Panel JAM72S30-550/MR

These are the best range of JA solar modules ideal for commercial solar installations. The impressive output, long lifespan, higher efficiency and more make the modules serve as reliable solutions for solar power generation for years to come. The strong and sophisticated design and construction of the panels ensure them to be durable and waterproof, making them suitable for all large-scale projects.

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JA Solar 545W Solar Panel JAM72S30-545/MR

Product Specifications

  • Cell type – Mono
  • Number of cells – 144
  • Rated Maximum Power(Pmax) – 545W
  • Open Circuit Voltage(Voc) – 49.75V
  • Maximum Power Voltage(Vmp) – 41.80V
  • Short Circuit Current(Isc)  – 13.93A
  • Maximum Power Current(Imp) – 13.04 A
  • Operating Temperature – -40~85 °C
  • Module Efficiency – 21.1%
  • Weight – 27.8 Kg
  • Product dimensional values in mm – 2279 * 1134* 35

JA Solar 550W Solar Panel JAM72S30-550/MR

Product Specifications

  • Cell type – Mono
  • Number of cells – 144
  • Rated Maximum Power (Pmax) – 550 W
  • Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) – 49.9 V
  • Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp) – 41.96 V
  • Short Circuit Current (Isc) – 14 A
  • Maximum Power Current (Imp) – 13.11 A
  • Operating Temperature – -40~85 °C
  • Module Efficiency – 21.3%
  • Weight – 27.8 Kg
  • Product dimensional values in mm – 2278x1134x30

Highlights Of The Product

JA Solar has always been at the forefront of technological innovations and hence it has its core emphasis on its product R&D investment. With its multiple and powerful technologies such as M10 wafer (182mm size) technology, PERC, MBB (multi-busbar) and half-cell, the company could meet the evolving high power and high yields requirements of the PV industry.

Powernsun as the well-known JA solar panel seller has added to its portfolio a powerful product – DeepBlue 3.0 series. These panels come with high efficiency and high power, delivering users a lower LCOE and yielding up to 590W for mass production.

High-Efficiency PERC Module

The modules claim the power output of the 72-cell configuration that attains a range of 560W. 78 cells can go up to 605W, claiming a power conversion efficiency per module as high as 21.7%. The cell efficiency of the modules exceeded 23.0% and the related module efficiency went beyond 21.0%. The customised products when combined with high-energy-density technologies, can expect to improve the module efficiency by up to 21.4%.

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Less shading and lower resistive loss

The 11BB PERC cells of the Deep Blue 3.0 series help in improving light absorption. The half-cell configuration of the cell reduces shading and resistive losses. The integrated MBB design of the cells assists in improved and even current distribution. Since the current is evenly distributed across the surface of the cells, it reduces the impact of shading.

The result is lower resistive loss. Ultimately, the JA solar panel in India becomes highly capable of capturing sunlight. This property is extremely beneficial in areas where there is partial shading due to trees, buildings or any barriers.

Lower LCOE

JA Solar panels are not only tops in delivering outstanding performance. But, they are also better contributors to lower LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy). The maximum efficiency of the cells along with a lower degradation rate makes sure that users get the best possible generation of energy for longer periods. This translates the process into lower costs per kilowatt-hour.

So, the best thing is solar energy production becomes an affordable choice. Fortunately, you can make it even better with Powernsun as we offer the best JA Solar panel price for you.

Better mechanical tolerance

The Deep Blue 3.0 JA solar series can significantly increase the modules’ mechanical load performance. The front static mechanical load of the modules can reach 5,400Pa, while the back static mechanical load has the potential to attain 2,400Pa. The patented sliding slot frame of the panels reduces the weight of the frame by up to 10% and it improves the mechanical tolerance of the product.

Moreover, the half-cell configuration of the cells also helps to achieve improved mechanical loading tolerance.

Superior warranty

Powernsun, the best JA Solar panel supplier offers you an excellent warranty on the products. The deep blue panels give you a 12-year product warranty and a 25-year linear power output warranty. The power degradation of the panels is within 2% in the first year. The linear power degradation for single-glass modules is within 0.55%/year in 2 to 25 years.

The linear power degradation for dual-glass modules is within 0.45%/year in 2-30 years. The product is offered with 15 Years of 90.3% Output Power, and 25 Years of Output power of 84.8%.

Reduced hotspot risk

When compared with another similar kind of serial and parallel structure of cells, deep blue 3.0 JA solar panels feature high currents. This is due to large-size silicon wafers (182mm x 182mm). This helps in relatively reduced risks for hotspots in the cells.

The hotspot risk of the modules is controlled through efficient approaches such as cell leakage current control. The lesser the leakage of current, the lower the hotspot risk. Another approach is through non-destructive cutting. The cutting methodology of the cells greatly reduces the micro-cracks. The encapsulation materials that have better temperature resistance performance also improve the hotspot resistance of the modules. If you are interested in buying panels that are guaranteed against hot spot risk, get it from the leading JA solar panel distributor, Powernsun.

Gallium-doped technology

Typically, high-efficiency mono-crystalline cells will be made of gallium-doped silicon wafers. These wafers will have improved anti-degradation performance, durability, and constant high-efficiency power generation.

Advanced module technologies

The deep blue 3.0 series panels are known for their best reliability and higher conversion efficiency. Below are the improvements integrated with the module process and materials:

  • Improved light transmittance and weather resistance due to high-transmittance glasses
  • Encapsulation film and back sheet improve power and reliability factors
  • cell-cutting technology reduces damage against laser
  • The innovative slot frame design enables lighter-weight modules that are easy to install.

Harvest The Best Of Sunshine With The Top JA Solar Panel Dealer

The brand’s commitment to technological innovation makes it stand as an industry pioneer. By partnering with JA Solar, Powernsun effectively contributes to accelerating the adoption of solar energy across the globe. By supplying efficient, reliable, durable and exceptionally performing JA solar panels in India, we remain the most sought-after name in the distribution of solar products.

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