Longi Solar Panel In India

Founded in 2000, Longi Solar is the world’s leading solar technology provider. The brand is quite known for its cost-effective and highly efficient solar panels. This tier 1 solar panel brand is well-known for its state-of-the-art longi solar panels in India. The company has an unwavering commitment to offering monocrystalline panels which have carved significant impacts in the entire solar industry. Longi has an inevitable contribution towards global zero-carbon development.

LONGi supplies reliable and high-performance solar modules across the world that cover 6 continents and 85 countries with the intention of powering the world toward a low-carbon future.

Bifacial PERC – Half-cut technology Longi panels

Powernsun, a  renowned Longi solar panel supplier, brings you an endless range of efficient panels that have significant gains. The perfect combination of bifacial modules and Half-Cut PERC cell technology augments the tremendous power-yielding capabilities, yet with the lowest possible LCOE. The half-cut solar technology is an innovative and improved design. This promising improvement from the global solar leader helps in reducing the most important power losses in conventional solar modules. 

The field-proven bifacial Longi solar modules are appreciated for their added performance benefits and long-term reliability. The company’s innovation is continuously raising its bar, and the entire solar modules from the company continue to set conversion efficiency world records.  Powernsun, being the leading longi solar panel dealer happily collaborates with the company that is always on top of the leading edge of N-type TOPCON, N-type HJT, P-type TOPCON, P-type HJT and other solar technologies.

The good news is India is signalling a steady growth towards bifacial solar technology as these modules have high power efficiency. The unique structure of the longi bifacial solar modules helps in capturing more sunlight. Bifacial and half-cut longi solar panels represent the future of the solar industry. The best thing is bifacial PERC modules are capable of absorbing energy from the back side, and thus results in improved energy output.

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Product lineups from Longi Solar

  • Longi Bifacial Perc 540W Solar Module -LR5-72HBD
  • Longi Bifacial Perc 545W Solar Module -LR5-72HBD

These are brilliant choices from the longi brand if you are expecting to harvest maximized solar energy output. The advanced bifacial technology enables gaining additional energy-yielding from the rear side which is up to 25%. This type of module from your leading longi solar panel dealer makes sure you get the best choice for ultra-large power plants.

Longi Bifacial Perc 540W Solar Module -LR5-72HBD

Product Specifications

  • Number of cells – 144 Monocrystalline
  • Maximum Power – 540 (STC), 403.6 (NOCT)
  • Voltage at maximum power (Vmp/V) – 41.65(STC), 38.86 (NOCT)
  • Module efficiency – 21.1%
  • Max power tolerance – 0/+5W
  • Maximum power current Ampp (A) – 12.97 A
  • Operational Temperature – -40~+85
  • Power output tolerance – 0~+5 W
  • Maximum System Voltage – 1500V
  • Weight – 32.3kg
  • Dimensions of the product in mm – 2256*1133*35mm

Longi Bifacial Perc 545W Solar Module -LR5-72HBD

Product Specifications

  • Number of cells – 144 Monocrystalline
  • Maximum Power – 545 (STC), 407.4 (NOCT)
  • Voltage at maximum power (Vmp/V) – 41.80(STC), 39.00 (NOCT)
  • Module efficiency – 21.3%
  • Max power tolerance – 0/+5W
  • Maximum power current Ampp (A) – 13.04 A
  • Operational Temperature – -40~+85
  • Power output tolerance – 0~+5 W
  • Maximum System Voltage – 1500V
  • Weight – 32.3kg
  • Dimensions of the product in mm – 2256*1133*35mm

Highlights of the products

Higher module efficiency

The monocrystalline photovoltaic module of PERC technology of this Longi panel gives you a high efficiency of up to 21.1%. The lower working current reduces the hotspot temperature and increases the power of half-cell modules.

Bifacial solar modules gather solar energy from both sides of the module, front and back, resulting in increased overall power output of the module. PERC longi solar cells are capable of improving cell efficiency by depositing additional passive coating as well as through laser grooves on conventional cells.

Slower power degradation  

Thanks to the Low LID technology (Light Induced Degradation) properties of longi bifacial panels. Now you can achieve slower power degradation compared to other solar panels. Explore the benefits of a minimum initial degradation with the best longi solar panel cost when you buy from Powernsun.

1st year degradation ≤2% 

Reduced resistive loss 

The low operating current of the LONGI split cells ensures reduced power loss. This kind of solar panel from longi comes with a positive power tolerance of 0/+5W. Thus they are assured to have the production of energy throughout their life.

Solid PID resistance

The supreme quality manufacturing process, careful selection of materials (BOM), and solar cell process optimization ensure that the users have solid PID resistance with the modules. The Potential Induced Degradation (PID) Test of longi solar modules gives you an assurance that these panels have the potential to perform over a longer period of time.

 PID is considered among the major causes of low solar production. As a prominent longi solar panel distributor, Powernsun brings you panels that are highly resistant to PID through voltage difference.

Reduced hot spot risk

The optimized electrical design and lower operating current features of Longi solar hi-mo5 solar modules reduce the risks of hotspots. When compared with traditional solar modules, the half-cut-cell longi solar panels can amplify the electrical performance of the cell, even in shady or dawn/night conditions. Since the panels have a lower hot spot effect, they can greatly reduce the risk of hot spots, which are typically generated by the modules.

Excellent warranty

LONGI solar panels are offered with a 12-year warranty for materials and processing. The Glass or glass lamination of the solar modules ensures a 30-year product lifetime. This 30-year warranty is given for extra linear power output. Avail the Tier 1 branded solar panels with a remarkable warranty from a trusted longi solar panel dealer – Powernsun.

Product certifications

Longi solar panels boast notable product certifications that include ISO quality management system (ISO:9001:2015), and ISO Environment Management System (ISO 14001:2015), adhering to the guidelines of module design qualification and type approval with its TS62941. Additionally, longi solar modules carry product certification of ISO 45001:2018 which stands for Occupational Health and Safety. Also, they have certifications such as:

  • IEC 61215
  • IEC 61730
  • UL 61730

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Core advantages of the products

Smart Soldering

The uniform smart soldering properties of the solar modules help in achieving improved module efficiency and power. Ultimately, this aids in obtaining better power load capacity.

Monocrystalline M10 wafer technology

Each solar cell of this series of longi solar panels in India has high-quality P-type monocrystalline silicon wafers that are doped with gallium. This technology is appreciated for its cost-effectiveness, stability and module efficiency. 

Optimized Electrical Parameters

The working current of 13A makes the module completely perfect to accommodate mainstream string inverters.

Optimized Module Size

Assured module strength with M10 wafer size large format modules. 

Gallium-doped Technology

The Gallium-doped technology of the longi panels makes them capable of overcoming LID degradation aspects. In addition, the users are guaranteed long-term power generation from the modules. 

Half-cut cell manufacturing

Half-cut cell manufacturing of longi solar panels has already delivered results in terms of increased efficiency, and reduced power loss. The 9 smart soldered busbars per cell conduct the electricity.

Bifacial Energy Yield

Since power can also be generated from the backside of the bifacial modules, the overall energy yield is increased. So, you can enjoy higher energy outputs from the latest and innovative technology of the panels.

LONGi Hi-MO solar panel series comes with a 2 mm anti-reflective superstrate as well as a 2 mm tempered glass substrate. Thus these modules are exposed to solar radiation on the back, yet, they are completely protected against external agents.

Application areas of Longi Bifacial Perc Solar Modules

High-efficiency solar modules from longi are widely used across the world. Right from alpine grasslands to desert wastelands, ponds, vegetable beds to household dwellings and more, application areas of longi Hi-MO 5 go far. Higher power, higher reliability and lower degradation features of these ultra-high-value modules have their best benefits among the users.

  • Modules can be used for residential and C&I installations
  • Perfect choice for all applications that demand reliable, long-lasting, and resilient solar panels
  • The bifacial technology of the modules makes them ideal for snowy Alps, ponds, and other reflecting landscapes.
  • Widely used in renewable energy power plants
  • Excellent for ultra-large solar power plants

Powernsun, the leading longi solar panel distributor is your all-in-one platform for high-efficiency, reliable and durable solar panels. By offering our clients the most affordable longi solar panel prices, we actually mean a lot in building a sustainable and environmentally friendly world. So, why are you waiting? Explore our portfolio for the world’s leading longi solar panels in India. Come, let’s embark on a greener world, right now, together!

Regions we serve

Our services extend across the major regions of the Indian market. We look forward to catering to the demands of longi solar panels across India. 

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