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Solar Inverter Price in India

The wide range of solar inverters from PowernSun India stands for the state of technology solutions that give long-term reliability and high performance.  We are a leading supplier in best ranged solar inverter price in India and we have the prominence in delivering customized solar inverters that are best suited for Indian grid conditions.

Power n Sun is the fast-growing name in solar inverters and we intended to supply our clients with high-quality power backup products. With rapid progress in the solar energy industry, more people around the world have started to install solar power systems. So, we work with the goal of delivering the right inverter solutions for every solar system.

We serve as a one-stop solution for all types of solar inverters. Owing to the best solar inverter price in India, we not only act as the provider for various solar products, but we also go beyond in understanding your needs and stand as your growth partner.

Buy On-Grid solar inverters for tough Indian conditions

The inverter in a solar power system is designed to convert solar panels generate DC power into AC current which is used for running appliances. An on-grid solar inverter system is a solar power system that is connected to the utility grid.

Key points

  • An on-grid solar inverter seems to be attractive compared with an off-grid system.
  • On-grid inverters work with the main system to supply energy wherever it is possible. With the processing intelligence of delivering optimal power supply, it will synchronize power delivery with grid power.

Off-grid solar inverters – With reasonable solar inverter price in India

Off-grid inverters are designed in such a way that they work alone and cannot be synchronized with the grid. They will be connected to the property rather than grid power like on-grid inverters. And they cannot work in conjunction with the grid power.

Key points

  • Off-grid inverters supply power from DC to AC straightway to power the appliances.
  • It takes power from the battery and then converts it from DC and gives output as AC.

Single Phase inverters

Single Phase solar inverters are used in single-phase applications. Two major classifications of single-phase inverters are:

  • Half-bridge inverter
  • Full bridge inverter

One of the major differences between half-bridge and full-bridge solar inverter in India is its value of output voltage. With a half-bridge inverter, peak voltage will be half of the DC supply voltage. On the other hand, in a full-bridge inverter, the peak voltage is equivalent to the DC supply voltage.

Three Phase inverters – Do you need this one?

Three-phase solar inverters are widely useful in variable-frequency drive applications. They are best suitable for high power applications, say for example HVDC power transmission.

The function of a three-phase solar inverter in India is to transform DC voltage into a three-phase AC supply. In this type of inverter, the electricity will be transmitted through the network via three different currents that are in a three-phase inverter, which will be out of phase with each other.

Solar inverter for home

Do you know Power n Sun is the preferred choice for affordable solar inverter price in India among homeowners? If you wonder what the reason behind that is, we would say that it is our capability to deliver what you expect from a solar inverter system– great power. At Power n Sun, we have vast years of experience with solar inverters for homes and we help you get the most from the system by delivering the best-needed solar solutions for residential purposes.    

When you plan for a solar power system for your home, you definitely will think about having a backup power supply if there is a cut in the energy flow. It is quite true that the sun shines even if there is a supply deficiency in the solar panels. However, with a reasonable solar inverter price in India and with a reliable inverter solution, you make it able to monitor the generation and consumption of energy from the comfort of your place.

The major purpose of a solar inverter is to convert solar energy which is generated by the solar panels from DC power to AC.  Apart from this crucial activity, solar inverters also allow connecting the solar energy system to the internet. This will let you know about the information on the solar system.

As a homeowner, you can check with the solar energy generation and compare it with your energy consumption for household purposes and thus can make sure that the system is functioning well.

Solar inverter for commercial

As an industrialist, you are committed to doing your best for the green environment through saving the cost of energy and helping in reducing the carbon footprint. At Power n Sun, we help you with one of the effective ways in such responsibility with the best solar inverter price in India. We provide you comprehensive commercial and industrial solar energy solutions required for the new energy world.

Highlights of commercial applications

  • Realistic solar inverter price in India for industrial purposes
  • Complete assistance for commercial solar system solutions
  • Support offered for specific inverter needs
  • The ability to monitor and track solar system performance and analysis reports can be checked.

At Power n Sun, we know that investing in solar is a big decision and hence we give your business the necessary support by making sure you take the right steps at every stage of solar systems.  We help in maximizing your ROI and savings with tailored solutions and best suited and reasonable solar inverter price in India.

Selecting the right solar inverter size – the great guide that you ever need

Solar generators are designed right from smallest sizes too large off-grid power solutions. Accordingly, inverter sizes also vary significantly. If you want to make the right choice in picking the size of the inverter, you have to check the wattage of appliances and ensure that the total wattage of appliances required is able to meet the max power output of solar inverters.

There is a simple formula that will help you to determine the size of the inverter:

 Inverter size (in Watts) = Sum of all your appliances power (unit in Watt)*1.4

The digit 1.4 is added with the sum in order to provide an extra layer of security for your appliances in cases of inductive loads.

Checkpoints for right solar inverter price in India and its size

  • Check the watt ratings of every appliance you intended to use for the solar system and make the sum.
  • After you have come up with the total, add a 20% safety margin. This will save you from power surges.
  • Remember that motor powered appliances and similar devices will require additional surges
  • The safety margin can range from 20% to 100%.
  • Though you may have the feeling that doubling the solar panel wattage seems too much in the calculation, still we recommend it for the best of your system.
  • As most of the appliances tend to have power surge requirements, it is not a good idea to have an inverter that is just equal to the size of the solar panel.

Generally, the size of a solar inverter in India is measured in watts. The two ways in which the measurement done is

  • continuous watts


  • surge watts

Continuous Watts refers to the total number of watts that an inverter can provide constantly.

Surge Watts indicates the maximum peak power that the inverter is able to deliver for limited periods.

All about our offered sizes:

So, you are thinking about solar inverter price in India now, right? You are at the right place where you will get the correct size inverters that fit perfectly into your needs.

So, what do you need to know now? The sizes we offer? Here are they:

  • 1KW - 10KW
  • 11KW - 50KW
  • 51KW - 110KW
  • 100KW - 500KW
  • 1MW - 3MW

We make going solar great and efficient with the world’s leading partners


SMA is a widely popular system technology specialist and the brand is involved in developing and distributing high-quality solar inverters. And the best part is it has extensive expertise in the industry and is quite known in its niche for its intelligent energy solutions for over 30 years.

With operating in 21 countries and with around 5,000 employees, SMA has the widespread name as the global specialist for photovoltaic system technology. When speaking about solar inverter price in India, it is not possible to skip grid management functions. Such increasingly important performance can be achieved with SMA inverters.

Through the facility of real-time data, it is possible for the consumers to obtain complete visibility of how the solar system is functioning and its performance level. From its inception in the year 1981, the company has been a global leader in the field.

 SMA has received so many recognizable awards for its various products. And the most important one is its first spot in the 'Great Place to Work’ in a German competition where the companies with more than 5000 employees participated. 

Sofar solar – A leading brand for best solar inverter price in India

Sofar Solar is one of the largest exporters of inverters in China and the company is well-known as a reputed manufacturer on the global level. It has prominence as one of China’s top 5 string inverter companies; Sofar is widely appreciated for its professional, reliable, and efficient solutions.

It is a subsidiary of the Chinese Shenzhen SOFAR Group and the company was established in 2012. It has had its active presence in the renewable energy industry for a decade. With an annual inverter output of more than 4GW, Sofar solar has been supplying to more than 20 countries worldwide.

Significant points about the brand known for affordable solar inverter price in India

  • SOFAR inverters are well accepted in more than 40 countries that include UK, Italy, the Netherlands, Australia, and India.
  • All Sofar inverters come with 25 years of data storage capacity.
  • Quality is considered as the most important criteria by the brand and it has a strong and well-experienced R & D team.
  • Involved in supplying grid-tied inverters that range from 1kW to 7.5kW for residential purposes, 10kW to 70kW for commercial requirements and other solar products.
  • Sofar not only has a solid name in offering reasonable solar inverter price in India for its customers but is also quite popular for stable and reliable solar inverters products, thus sustaining its position as the market leader.

Power N Sun Helps To Make Solar Simple With Its Efficient Solar Inverter In India

The core purpose of our company is to offer solar inverters and other solar products within the buying range of everyone. Thus we contribute our best to the clean and renewable energy world. As you know there is a huge demand for energy all around the world. So there cannot be a better time than now to go solar with Power n Sun’s innovative technology and improved solutions.

With significant years of experience in the industry and has been powered by a strong and capable team, Power n Sun is the obvious choice for the best solar inverter price in India.                                             

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