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Solar supplier in india

Are you looking to secure your solar investment? Then it is a wise move to make it with the right solar supplier in India. If you seek to step into the natural energy resources world, Power n Sun offers you a vast array of affordable and valuable solar products. Tapping into a greener world becomes a little easier as our products can work best for your needs.

Solar products

As a technologically advanced provider offering truly top-quality solar products, we have been a preferred supplier in the industry. Moreover, we have collaborated with leading manufacturers in the world. Thus we are able to go beyond in serving you as the solar distributor for top-rated products.

  1. Solar Panel

You are at a leading and trusted platform for solar panels that simplifies going solar. We are experts in the arena and have a great understanding of the renewable energy sector. This allows us to supply the highest quality and feature the best solar panels known for unmatched reliability and great performance.

World-class PV panels for better savings

Available in various sizes and capacities, solar panels have their wide uses in numerous domains. In fact, it is a reliable source of efficient solar power generation.

  • Residential power up
  • Commercial solar projects
  • Generates electricity without any noise pollution
  • No risk of emitting toxins or fumes
  • Helps in cutting down the electricity bills
  • Save on the extra energy generated
  • Helping the green world by reducing carbon prints

 Produce your own renewable electricity with leading brands for solar panels:

Cleaner and greener energy from trusted solar equipment suppliers.

  1. Solar Inverters

Your smartest energy choice for the best solar inverters. We could stand as the leading name of a reliable solar product supplier in brightening India. We have been working towards revolutionizing energy solutions through affordable solar inverters.

Powered by the nature, brought to you by Power n Sun

Solar inverters have equal importance to solar panels. They have an essential role in your solar power system as it converts DC power into AC power. When you buy solar inverters, you get these benefits.

  • Decreased greenhouse effects and global warming.
  • Cost-effective solutions compared with generators
  • Useful for both small homes and large powering projects
  • Best suitable for commercial applications
  • Works well when there is no sunshine

Brands we serve

  1. Solar Inverter Accessories

As a major solar supplier in India, we supply a range of solar power accessories. We take pride that it will serve as the proven way to get the power you need. If you really want to capitalize on your solar projects, you should invest in the right accessories. We have plenty of solar inverter accessories that help in making the most of equipment.

So, when you set up the solar inverter system the next time, Power n Sun can give you valuable add-ons.

Brands we deal with:

  1. Solar charge controller

Though solar power is certainly a great solution for demanding energy needs, the complexity is storing it. You need better solutions when the system is down and when the sun is not shining. This necessitates an efficient solar PV system with batteries. When you have a battery, the solar charge controller becomes an essential component here.

What can a solar product supplier do with a solar charge controller?

Overcharging voltage and current protection

⮚   Auto charged indication

⮚   Delivers high reliability

⮚   Helps in monitoring the reverse current flow

⮚   If the battery is low, it will turn off the attached load. When the battery is charged up, it will turn on again.

⮚   Prevents draining the batteries of solar panels at night times

 Top brands of our solar supplier in India

  1. PV mounting system

Despite the fact that the solar mounting system seems to be a small component, it is a powerful one in a PV system. It is quite true that no one likes insecure attachment or a leaky roof. An efficient and versatile solar mounting system is the solution here.

What do our PV mounting systems bring to you?

An effective mounting system helps the panels to stay strong for a minimum of 25 years

⮚   Gives maximum flexibility on flat roofs

⮚   Excellent benefits of maximum stability and durability

⮚   Enables quick and easy installation of solar systems

  1. Solar cables

Are you looking for solar cables to interconnect the elements of a photovoltaic system? We have special properties of solar cables best suited for critical applications. In addition to your choice of the right solar panels, choosing the best solar cables is also vital.

How do our solar cables give more value to your purchase?

⮚   Great properties that help in resisting and withstanding extreme weather conditions.

⮚    Eco-friendly devices that don’t harm the environment

⮚   Longevity when compared with traditional cables

⮚   Reliable products from the best solar product supplier. Assuring for performance up to 25 years

What are the brands we supply?                                

  1. Solar PV connector

Like to have the best benefits of the smooth operation of your photovoltaic system? Make it done with our range of solar PV connectors. Since we provide top-quality solar accessories, you can expect reliability and durability. Connect the solar panels with other panels or junction boxes or batteries with superior quality connectors.

Solar PV connectors from a leading solar distributor

  • Lightweight, still top quality
  • Durable products
  • Great interlocking. This ensures a secure coupling. Avoids accidental release between plugs and sockets.
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable handling


  1. Cable tray and walk away

It is not going to annoy you hereafter to route cable trays around its corners and bends. Yes, we have a brilliant quality cable tray and walk-away system for you. Additionally, no more need for any cutting of wires. You can fasten into your needed position without any hassle.

Understanding the benefits

  • Can efficiently manage all the wires
  • Available in various sizes to accommodate different demands
  • Ventilated channels
  • Complete protection for cables from a reputed solar supplier in India
  • Protection from mechanical and electromagnetic loads
  1. Energy storage systems

Do you know? The energy storage system is an integral part of the production, transmission, distribution, and consumption of electricity? With our wide range of energy storage solutions, we help consumers, consistently fulfill their energy demands without the need of straining the power grid.

Multiple benefits:

  • Improved power quality
  • Reliable electricity delivery to customers
  • Adds value to renewable energy generation
  • Reduced generation costs
  • outages and production peaks

 Top brands we have:

 Since we have a strong determination to make ourselves a global leader, we provide effective solar products for a bright India. Let us change the world to green energy with smart and effective solar products.

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