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PV Mounting System

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Solar Structure in India :

PowernSun has a strong name as the brand distributing solar energy products and solutions. Now it gets stronger by offering a wide range of solar structures in India.  Are you looking for solar structures to attach directly to the roof structure? Or do you need additional rails that will get hold of the panel rack? We have the best solutions. It is our high technical excellence that lets us serve as the best solar structures supplier. Additionally, it enables us to offer our prestigious clients easy portability and installation through well-constructed solar structures.

We are a market leader in delivering powerful and advanced solar structures in India. Moreover, we have a high potential to meet the growing demands of the solar industry. Need excellent deals on solar structures price? Let it come to an end with Power n Sun. We have an array of solar PV mounting structures that fix solar panels on surfaces. 

Customized solar structures distributors

Whether you are looking for a mounting system to suit the ground solar power project or rooftop, we have customized solutions for you. Designed with the latest technologies and finest materials, our mounting system will hold the panels in the most appropriate manner. 

If you look at one of the key factors in driving the value of the solar system is solar structure. In fact, it is the major element for successful solar power plant running. 

When your PV plant comes with a lifetime of almost 25 years, you should invest in good solar structures in India for the appreciable benefits. This mounting system should be strong till the life of the solar project. Also, it should be sturdy enough to withstand natural phenomena such as storms, waterlogging, etc.

Power n Sun is a prominent Solar structures wholesaler who understands this very well. Hence we make sure that the mounting system consists of high-quality components. Thus we facilitate the installation of solar modules at any site.

Powerful solar structures in India for your solar power plants

We have a high specialization in providing various solar structures for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes. We deliver solar structures in numerous sizes that are in alignment with industrial standards and premium quality. Thus we are an expert in catering to the exact requirements of customers.

Buy solar structures from Power n Sun and explore the best features

  • Different solutions that will suit every customer's needs
  • Earns significant savings for you in terms of time and money
  • Easy to install structures without any hassle at any site
  • Fabricated by skilled professionals with high strength components
  • Durable and flexible to fit various roof types.

Strong and best-supporting pillars for your PV modules

Power n Sun strongly believes that solar has a bright future. Hence we facilitate those who are interested in investing in such solar energy with top quality solar structures in India.

What do you get from these solar structures for your solar projects?

  • Increased efficiency of the overall solar system
  • Capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions
  • Ensures that your solar panels are supported efficiently and work productively.



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Solar PV Mounting Structures

Mounting Structures used to fix the PV system. They hold and support the PV system at the appropriate angles to ensure the reception of maximum solar irradiation. A good mounting structure is particularly important to obtain higher efficiency and better performance from the Solar PV system installed. Based on the surface where the PV system is installed, the type of mounting structure differs.

Types of Mounting Structures

  • Rooftop Mounting Structures
  • Ground Mounting Structures
  • Floating Structures

Rooftop Mounting Structures

Rooftop mounting structures, as the name suggests, are use for PV systems installed in roof of buildings. These structures help us to mount the PV system in an efficient manner avoiding maximum shading. They also help in installing PV system in a way to use to maximum area available.

Ground Mounting Structures

Ground mounted PV systems are generally large, utility scale PV power plants. The structures used in these PV systems anchor the system to the ground. Each structure may support two to four panels.

Floating Structures

Floating PV systems are the latest innovation in the renewable energy industry. This involves installing PV systems over water bodies like lake, ponds, and rivers. By doing we greatly reduce the usage of land resources. Mounting structures are used in this type of PV systems too. This type of structures must be pollution.


A good mounting structure must strong enough to hold the system and be able to withstand extreme weather conditions like wind, rain, and sun. Galvanized iron and aluminum are the metals used in structures these days.

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