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Solar Charge Controller

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Solar Charge Controller

Are you looking for the best solution that cares for your overcharging and undercharging issues? Let all of your worries come to an end with Power n Sun’s solar charge controller in India. Our smart and advanced solar charge controllers help your system in regulating incoming solar power. This regulation supports the maintenance of batteries. So, you can prevent overcharging and stay with complete peace of mind.

Doing the best part in gaining top-level solar energy

Power n Sun has the core purpose of making everyone capable of getting alternative energy. For those who are interested in going solar, whether industries or businesses, or individuals, we support them with the best range of solar featured products.

Now we help in your solar energy project as the store serves different types of solar charge controllers in India. Being one of the leading names of solar charge controller distributors, we deliver innovative solar solutions needed for efficient power generation.

What is this solar charge controller? What do we offer at Power n Sun?

Your solar panel absorbs sunlight and generates power. This charges the battery and operates the DC load. Here you need an effective device that controls the power variation. Here is the role of our smart solar charge controller.

With our solar charge controller in India, you can avoid issues such as battery overcharging or undercharging. Thus you can avoid any damage to your solar system. In fact, a solar charge controller can be referred to as a link that acts between batteries and the panels.

If you decide to buy at the best solar charge controller price, PowernSun offers you different types of solar charge controllers.

  1. MPPT Controller - Maximum Power Point Tracking Controller
  2. PWM Controller - Pulse Width Modulation Controller

If you look for affordable solutions, then PWM Controller is the right choice for you. However, they are old technology and hence less efficient.

If you like to preserve the batteries of your system with maximized charging capacity, MPPT is the probable choice. Though this MPPT solar charge controller in India is a little expensive, it is still very efficient under specific conditions.

However, Power n Sun, as a leading solar charge controller wholesaler, suggest you make the decision based on your system components, panel cells size, site conditions, and load.

Ensure your battery health for its longer life

Solar investment is becoming a hot topic these days. However, you should make all the related decisions to solar projects wisely to reap the most benefits. One of such important decisions is a great protection of the solar battery with the right solar charge controller in India.

How does your buy solar charge controller at Power n Sun offer extensive protection?

  • Efficient Protection against issues such as overcharge and reverse current
  • Reduces float current to zero. This helps in improving battery life.
  • Engineered for high reliability from a top solar charge controller supplier. Ensured for various protections such as overload and short circuit.
  • Simple button operation with intelligent charging mode
  • Comes with Dual USB output that supports mobile phone charging.


Solar Charge controller is a Voltage and/or Current controller which prevents batteries from overcharging. It basically controls the current coming from the solar panels going to the battery. This helps to extend the lifetime of the batteries.Types of Charge Controllers

• PWM Charge Controller

• MPPT Charge Controller

Where to find good Charge Controllers

MORNINGSTAR is a top manufacturer of best quality Charge Controllers in the industry. They have come up with many innovative solutions for the Solar PV power generation in the past decade.


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