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Solar Cable in India

PowernSun is one of the fast-growing names in the distribution of renewable energy products and solutions. We are an authorized distributor of solar cables in India for leading brands. We have significant years of experience in the supplying industry. Hence we have become the most renowned brand in offering a comprehensive portfolio of solar cables. 

Solar cables supplier – A name you can trust for quality cables

Solar energy is one of the crucial renewable energy sources, besides wind and hydropower. This clearly says that there is a huge demand for solar energy all around the world. At Power n Sun, we continuously strive to provide the best solutions to our clients who like to reap the most out of solar energy. We serve as the optimal place where you can get all your solar needs. 

As a leading solar cables wholesaler, we understand that quality solar wire and cables with proper installation are very important for an efficient solar system. Hence, we deliver the top-quality solar cables in India. And we make sure they endure the tough requirements and severe weather conditions of solar systems.

Solar cables – Importance of choosing reliable quality from top suppliers

Solar cables are of utmost importance for an effective solar system since it connects different parts of the system in various ways. These solar cables connect the solar panels of the system together. In addition, they also connect components such as solar chargers, controllers, cables, etc. 

Do you have a question: why should you buy solar cables from Power n Sun? 

Your choice of solar cables in India determines the great health of your solar system. Unless you pick the right cables, you can’t expect the system to function properly. If you make a wrong choice here, it may end up in premature damage or leave room for improper battery bank charging.

You never want to undergo the risk of ground faults or short circuits, right? Then it is important to choose high mechanical strength solar cables in India. And thus Power n Sun serves as your trusted partner in safely transferring the DC solar energy across the photovoltaic system.

Committed to delivering your solar cable needs at excellent deals on Solar cables price

Most organizations in India have realized the importance of going green. So, it becomes very important to have reliable solar cables to meet their demands. Power n Sun is a leading supplier of various types of solar and PV cables that are offered in different shielding constructions, voltage ratings, and AWG sizes.

Our solar cables in India are ensured to be in accordance with the specific standards required for renewable energy photovoltaic systems. With your purchase, you are assured of reliable and quality solar cables from Power n Sun. Hence, you get the assurance of the high-performance operation of the solar system over years of usage.

Salient features of solar cables

  • Helpful in obtaining optimum performance from the solar PV system.
  • Designed to tolerate extreme weather conditions
  • Excellent performance even in extreme climate conditions 
  • Can expect a longer life since they are fire-resistant
  • Highly resistant to UV degradation.
  • Ability to operate at consistently high temperatures.

Cables and wires are an integral part of the Solar PV system. They connect all the components of the PV system. A well planned and installed network of cables ensure safe and efficient function of the PV system.

DC Solar Cables Single core copper cables each for +Ve and -Ve connections. They are insulated and sheathed with cross linkable LSOH which has UV as well as Ozone protection properties. These cables conform to TUV/EN/IEC specifications.
DC Cables used in Solar PV Systems are mainly categorized as

• PV Module to PV Module

• PV Module to Array junction box

• Array Junction Box to Main Junction Box 

• Main Junction box to Inverter

Battery Cables

Cables used for batteries of PV system are:

• PV Module to Charge Controller

• Charge Controller to Battery

Best Cables for Your PV System

Apar provides the best cables for PV Systems in the industry. Apar range of Solar cables for emerging PV based renewable energy installations is backed by its 30 years of experience in manufacture of Elastomeric insulated cables. Apar has installed Electron Beam Irradiation facility having 1.5MeV, 2.5MeV and 3MeV accelerators and uses this technology for cross linking of Elastomeric Insulation and sheath of Solar DC Cables.



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