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Solar panel in India

One of the world’s leading suppliers for solar panels is right here to deliver smart and industry-leading products for demanding energy needs. Power n Sun is a globally recognized brand in the arena of solar energy solutions and with years of expertise in the industry, it has started to gain a prominent name for solar panel in India.

Today the world is taking rapid shifts towards ‘Green earth’ and paying strong attention to environmental pollution and degradation of natural resources. This has influenced many industries and stakeholders to switch to environment-friendly and viable choices like solar panels.

Leading the world of solar with different types of solar panels

At Power n Sun India, we understand that the future of the world depends on the renewable energy sector and solar energy and products will certainly be on the top list. Hence as a leading supplier, we deliver clients with the cutting edge and best solar panels in India that are best in quality, performance, and reliability.

Three types of solar panels are offered by us:

Monocrystalline Solar Panels

In the list of types of solar panels, although monocrystalline solar panels are said to be the oldest, still it is the most efficient and high capacity power yielding when compared to other panels. These panels are made up of nearly 40 monocrystalline solar cells. With our monocrystalline solar panel products, you can observe uniformity in their coloring. Dealing with delivering high-grade Solar panel in India, we would say although these monocrystalline solar panels seem to be costly in the solar panel product list; still they are capable of producing more electricity, are long-lasting, and come with better warranties.

Application areas

  • As these solar panels are high power generating, they are the best choice for solar rooftops in urban and rural areas.
  • We would highly recommend this type of panel for areas where solar applications are needed on a larger scale.
  • Since these panels carry the potential of performing well in low sunlight levels, we suggest them as an ideal option for cloudy areas.
  • Excellent preference for street lighting as they are stand-alone panels.

Polycrystalline solar panel

The popularity of Polycrystalline solar panel in India is rising quickly and they are appreciated best for their efficiency. And these are the most commonly used type panels. These polycrystalline solar panels consist of silicon crystal fragments which will be typically dissolved before producing silicon slices. Our Industry partners of manufacturers produce polycrystalline solar more effectively since very little silicon is wasted in the manufacturing process. Generally, the back frames and frames are silver in polycrystalline solar panels; however, in some cases, variation will be there. They are square-shaped and you can’t find any gaps between the corners of cells.

Application areas of these best solar panels in India

  • Our Polycrystalline solar panels are highly used in large farms
  • They are often preferred as the top choice for roof-mounted arrays.
  • Very useful in the areas of applications where there is a need for standalone or self-powered devices. Best examples: traffic lights in remote areas, power requirements for off-grid households, etc.

Mono PERC solar panel

Mono-perc solar panels are advanced versions of mono-crystalline solar panel in India and are claimed to be more efficient even in low-light conditions. These types of solar panels slightly differ from our conventional monocrystalline solar panels. The acronym PERC implies -  Passivated Emitter & Rear Cell. It is an advanced technology that enhances the efficiency of typical solar modules by adding a passivated layer in the rear of the cell. In this mono PERC solar panel type, the front surface absorbs sunlight and the back surface reflects the absorbed light.

Application areas

  • This type serves as a great choice for residential customers who have space restrictions on their roofs.
  • Best for areas where there are low-light and high-temperature conditions prevails.

Solar panel ratings – Availability of different power watts ranges of solar panels in India

If you have been filled with a question about how much power the solar panels produce, our catalog of products with various power ranges is designed to serve varied purposes. Before we get into the types of watts we offer, Power N Sun would like to tell you a few about the power rating of our solar panels.

The power rating is the aspect that indicates how much power a specific solar panel has been designed to produce. The best solar panels in India measure the wattage of a panel with its operation at standard test conditions. We offer different watts of solar panels that range from 320-350W, 360-400W, 350,360, 370, 390-440, 445, 490, 535, 540 Watts, 1000W or 1KW, 2KW, 3KW, 4KW, and 5KW.

Typical solar panels in India will be rated between 250 to 400 watts, among the higher watt modules probably the preferred choices of most. The higher watt solar panels not only deliver higher efficiency ratings but also require fewer modules to get you the desired energy output needs. However, we would say that the overall wattage of a system is the major determining factor in defining the cost of the system.

Choosing the best solar panels in India

There are many variables in solar panels provided by us for the clients and choosing the best system for your needs demands taking various considerations.

  • Your energy usage
  • Available square footage of the roof
  • Solar panel wattage
  • The total amount of sunlight received by the solar panels

At Power n Sun, we know that one size fits all is not the best solution and hence we deal with offering different ranges so that you can pick the best for your unique needs.

The higher the wattage rating, you get the greater amount of energy and power you can gain from the panels. Major types of residential solar panels generally come with power output ratings that range from 250 - 400 watts, which depends on the size of the panel and the capability of converting sun energy into electricity.

Though higher power ratings are preferable, still we suggest to users that power output is not the only factor when it comes to judging the performance of solar panels.

 Power n Sun working partners for solar panels in India

 Power n Sun has a constant supply of high quality and best performance solar panels from the top manufacturers all over the world which will certainly make the customers feel good about the products.  Boosting up our goal of becoming a world standard in offering solar energy systems, our partners are perfectly aligning towards our goal powered by higher power, higher efficiency panels, and the best solar panels in India. We are glad to share some information about our partners here.

LONGi Solar

LONGi Solar is a world-leading manufacturer of monocrystalline solar modules that would help clients in achieving the best LCOE solutions. Formerly called with the name of ‘Xi’an LONGi Silicon Materials Corporation,’ and known today as ‘LONGi Green Energy Technology, commenced the journey on February 14th, 2000.

LONGi Solar is a subsidiary of LONGi Green Energy Technology and is solely involved in manufacturing monocrystalline solar panels.

Type Of Cells And Modules from LONGi

PERC (Passivated Emitter and Rear Contact) cell technology is one of the notable modules from LONGi which could enhance the performance and efficiency rate of solar modules of solar panels in India. This technology aids cells in producing 6% to 12% more energy when compared with a traditional model. Since PERC cells have an extra layer at their back, they can absorb more sunlight and thus produce more energy.

Half-cut cell technology cells from the brand enable it to achieve higher power and its low working current allows having lower hot spot temperature. As the term indicates, a half-cut cell indicates that the cells are cut into half, which means their work is also divided in half. This makes the cells work more efficiently, and these cells finely work towards temperature reduction.

Bifacial module, another type from the brand has its Al back surface field replaced by the Al grid. This means that the rear side of the panel which is larger in size remains transparent. As such, this solar panel in India is able to absorb more sunlight and possess 70% to 80% more facilities.

JA Solar Holdings – best solar panel in India from a leading name

JA Solar Holdings Is a prominent global manufacturer of high-performance solar products. Their vast products have been employed in various sectors such as residential, commercial projects, and terrestrial photovoltaic power stations. The company was founded in May 2005 and it was later listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2007.

The headquarters of JA Solar is in Shanghai, China and the brand has a huge customer list in regions of Asia, Europe, and North America. The list of products from the brand includes solar cells, silicon wafers, solar panel modules, and other solar energy components.

Major Benefits of solar panels from JA Solar Holdings

  • A renowned brand for its competitive offerings
  • Panels that have excellent anti-PID performance.
  • Durable and carry 10-year product quality warranties
  • Up to 25-year power output warranties
  • High output capacity, 16.21 % highest conversion efficiency
  • Outstanding performance delivering solar panels in India even in low-light irradiance environments
  • Better resistance to High salt and ammonia and the products are certified by TUV NORD


Established in 1982, Renewsys is one of the most important solar brands in India. This top-ranked solar panel brand is quite popular for residential purpose products. The company has a powerful portfolio of products such as solar panels, solar charge controllers, solar grid-tied and off-grid inverters, and solar power conditioning units. The solar panels from Renewsys Solar are best appreciated for their qualities of long-lasting, high functionality, and low maintenance requirements.

Most efficient and best solar panels in India from Renewsys

  • A powerful brand in India
  • High-performance panels when compared to traditional 72 cell PV Modules
  • Yields more energy per Sq. meter of area
  • The capacity of high operating currents and voltages
  • Power from both front and back
  • Anodized aluminum frames
  • Outstanding performance yielders in cutting down on solar wastage
  • IEC and TUV certified panels that are qualified for a subsidy
  • Lower conversion losses
  • Can perform well in under shading

Solar panel Price in India

The popularity of solar panel in India is rapidly growing and the average solar panel cost is dropping every year. It indicates that it is a great time to buy solar panels for your electricity demands. When you think of investing in solar panels, you may often be occupied with the question’ how much is the Solar panel Price in India?’ of course, this is a key question, and Power n Sun is here to get you the answer for this.

The cost of solar depends majorly based on the specific requirements of how much electricity to be generated from it. A bigger system will cost you more and it involves more labor costs for installing it. The factors that influence the price of the solar panel include the capacity of the panel and the technology variant and Moreover, the price of the best solar panels in India also depends on the manufacturer.

Solar panel cost in India and the number of panels required are determined by the average electricity usage (kWh) by the user and his geographical location. Thanks to the increasing demand and the subsidy from the Government to go green, the prices of panels are dropping and thus making it more affordable to choose solar for the electricity needs.

If you are looking for the best solar panel in India, then Power n Sun is the most reliable spot for you for cost-effective solutions. Look at our product catalog to know the available options for your needs.

Solar panel supplier in India

Having a strong name as the industry-leading supplier of solar panels and products, we endeavor to meet customer demands by offering world-class quality panels at affordable prices. Solar panels are the most efficient yet free natural resource to produce energy from the sun.

If you are interested in buying solar panel in India and looking for a trusted supplier, then undoubtedly Power n Sun will top the list. Our solar panels are designed to meet the evolving demand of clients and satisfy their needs with the highest quality standards, great reliability, and excellent performance. Our partners of solar panels help us in moving ahead in the solar technology space with the products that have passed stringent quality checks.

Other solar products of Power n Sun India

With our expertise and rich knowledge in the solar industry, we are able to serve the power needs of the industry and we also deal with other products in solar energy. If you wish for a brighter tomorrow with solar, then besides offering the best solar panel in India, we also have some great products for you to help in building a cleaner future.

We intended to offer solar energy more affordable to all who are interested in making India ‘Go green’. Power n Sun is always at your service to deliver the best quality solutions for our customers. We believe in delivering the utmost service to the clients will aid us in achieving the goal of attaining the top place of supplying solar panel in India.

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