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Solar Monitoring & Control Systems

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Solar Monitoring & Control Systems

Energy costs are continuously going up. So, smart businesses and individuals are making their switch to solar energy. However, if you have already installed solar panels and are not new to the green world, you know tracking its performance is tough. Monitoring, what you often refer to as measuring is finding areas of improvement, analyzing its performance, and identifying issues.

All these demands a powerful solar monitoring & control system in India. This is here exactly where a reliable partner Power n Sun comes to you.

We ease up the solar power monitoring of your panels with a range of solutions. They are highly capable and powerful enough to cover solar production and grid consumption.

Are you happy with your solar power production?

No doubt that solar energy is a great investment. However, if you aren't in the situation to ensure the optimal grid voltage, it will drag down the panel performance.  When you have aimed to cut down your electricity bills, you should understand and have better control over the solar panel power production. So, you need the best solar monitoring & control system in India. And Power n Sun stand here with you.

Are you having worries about solar monitoring & control system prices? Making the most of solar panels with us is not going to cost more. Investing in the right solar monitoring & control system supplier always helps you to check and save on your electricity spending.

And you can maximize your savings on solar production. Of course, you don’t want to undergo a hard or difficult-to-understand process/equipment to use. We know it. Hence, referred by people as the best solar monitoring & control system in India of Power n Sun is designed with absolute ease to handle.

Buy solar monitoring & control system And Have the Entire Energy Usage at Your Fingertips

Do you know what the core goal behind our solar products is?

Let you save more on the electricity bills! And that too without performance issues with the system. Now, you can realize it through our best solar monitoring & control system in India.

A solar monitoring system is no longer an optional device for your solar system. It is essential. With our system connected to your rooftop, you can access all the essential information at your fingertips. As one of the leading solar monitoring & control system distributors, Power n Sun Technologies brings you future-generation Smart systems that empower you to manage your solar energy through your smartphone.

  • Easy to use and user-friendly interface making you capable of having great real-time monitoring
  • Equip you with knowledge on the occurrence of peak energy and how it happens.
  • Identify the problems and explore the ways to save
  • If there are drastic changes in power bills, considering the solar monitoring & control system in India is the ideal option.
  • Detect the problems and get the necessary feedback
  • The smart system from the smart solar monitoring & control system wholesaler monitors the system for any problems that may have unnoticed by you.

 Monitoring and control systems are crucial for a PV System. They are various types of sensors and meters that monitor the performance, and operating condition of the PV system. Some of the major types of monitoring units are

  • Weather Sensors
  • Energy Meters
  • Irradiance Sensors
  • Temperature Sensors

Monitoring and Control units give us the facility of remotely monitoring the Operating conditions and Performance via our Mobile phones or laptops.

Top Manufactures of Monitoring and Control Systems are:

  • SMA
  • Sungrow
  • Schneider Electric
  • Meteocontrol


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